Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I've Been Gone a Long Time

It has been over a month since i have posted anything... bad. bad. bad. Mainly because I've been having problems with my (shared) internet service. i find it really discouraging the fact that i drops every minute in the middle of every activity.
I guess the best i can do is to make a list of this month's (or so) interesting events (kind-off). I'll do one event at a time:

* I quit my kickball team *

After many weeks and almost seasons of discomfort due to the differences with the coach's management... I parted ways with LTA (Los Totally Awesomes). There have been some who have left the team before. But i believe i was the first to actually switch to another team. Also this decision incited the departure of many who where unhappy with the path this team was going to. some started their own team, some switched leagues, and others simply quit kickball. I'm not sure how many of the original LTA still remain in the team. I agree that some of the new blood that was brought into the team increased the level of competitiveness; but some also really brought it down.
Probably the thing that gave me that little push to switch teams was the shift in attitude. the first seasons it was all about fun, and in the later seasons this was replaced with a delusional "we-well-beat-everyone" mentality. I'm not saying i like to lose but... come on... "it's just kickball".
Mainly, i just got tired of riding the bench just because i wouldn't go to "practice".. yes... "kickball practice".

So long LTA. I will always remember you fondly. See you on the other side of the field

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