Thursday, October 28, 2010

Rat King it is!

Yep... i decide that I am going to dress as the Rat King for Halloween. The idea struck me while i was giving up on dressing up as something cool (cool under my standards that is) I decided to think of what are the easiest or lamest costumes that we often see around, and a mummy was one of them. a face wrapped in bandages triggered my childhood memories about the ninja turtles and the Rat King (one of my favorites). I started thinking on what would i need to accomplish it and it all seemed pretty do-able... So, I will be the Rat King )with slight variations that is)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Scary Scary Crunch-Time!

This is the terrifying story about the graphic designer who wound up wearing a lame costume at Halloween! muaahahahaha!... ok that was just sad. Anyway, i'm posting this because i was wondering if its just me or does everyone have a hard time picking up their costume. I NEVER LIKE ANYTHING. The idea has to feel completely original to me, otherwise i don't like it even if it has proven to be a badass costume. Also I think it has to represent me. If it's meant to be a witty costume, it has to match my type of wittiness. if it has to be a scary costume, it has to match my type of scariness. i don't know if this could possibly be related to how i am as a design... but i'm starting to think it does. and this is really affecting my "delivery" during parties.
There are some setbacks that also influence my final costume decision. The first problem i notice is that it takes ages for me to settle for one idea or to like one. i would get excited by a costume one day only to discard it the next day. but let's say i agree on one costume. During the process of gathering the elements and materials i will need, I start to discourage myself into embarking on the project; due to availability, malleability, and comfortableness (how am I gonna drink or go to the bathroom). Let's assume I somehow figure out these problems and don't get discouraged on doing it. by the time I'm ready to start the building process i realize it's already too late and i have to rush things. And the final product ends up being... well... okay... a cool idea; but poorly executed. I do find some scary similarities on how we are supposed to tackle projects. You have to settle for an idea you want represent, then you have to gather all the resources you can find about the certain project and filter it into what is going to be best. And after you have figure it out, its production time. So, I think the key for a succesful Halloween costume and for a formidable designed campaign is... time management.
Anyway, i was wondering if any of you go through some similar setbacks, or if there's a part of you that also influences your decisions. Also check out the link for time management article if you like.

Friday, October 15, 2010


Me disponía a continuar con mi recopilación de eventos en el pasado mes; pero... me tope con este post que aparecio en mi google reader. Lo vi y simplemente me dieron ganas de vomitar. No puedo creer que aun exista gente tan retrograda en los Estados Unidos y peor aun que sean (o intenten) ser alguien en la política de el país.
Según yo, Estados Unidos era considerado un país que ya se encontraba en una etapa post-racismo. Todos eran considerados iguales (ante la ley al menos) y cualquier indicio de racismo era visto de mala manera... mmmm... pues creo que aunado a la ley de AZ, los "minute men", etc. estos anuncios de campañas políticas estupidas vienen a comprobar lo contrario. Lo peor y mas triste es que este tipo de personas tienen seguidores...

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I've Been Gone a Long Time

It has been over a month since i have posted anything... bad. bad. bad. Mainly because I've been having problems with my (shared) internet service. i find it really discouraging the fact that i drops every minute in the middle of every activity.
I guess the best i can do is to make a list of this month's (or so) interesting events (kind-off). I'll do one event at a time:

* I quit my kickball team *

After many weeks and almost seasons of discomfort due to the differences with the coach's management... I parted ways with LTA (Los Totally Awesomes). There have been some who have left the team before. But i believe i was the first to actually switch to another team. Also this decision incited the departure of many who where unhappy with the path this team was going to. some started their own team, some switched leagues, and others simply quit kickball. I'm not sure how many of the original LTA still remain in the team. I agree that some of the new blood that was brought into the team increased the level of competitiveness; but some also really brought it down.
Probably the thing that gave me that little push to switch teams was the shift in attitude. the first seasons it was all about fun, and in the later seasons this was replaced with a delusional "we-well-beat-everyone" mentality. I'm not saying i like to lose but... come on... "it's just kickball".
Mainly, i just got tired of riding the bench just because i wouldn't go to "practice".. yes... "kickball practice".

So long LTA. I will always remember you fondly. See you on the other side of the field